To whom it may concern in regards to the decision to withhold planned subsidies for the Aichi Triennale international art festival by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


Regarding the Agency for Cultural Affair’s recent decision to withhold planned subsidies for the Aichi Triennale International Art Festival, we hereby declare our collective concern and urge others who share the concern to send messages to both Ryohei Miyata (Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs) Koichi Hagiuda (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in different formats, including written complaints, letters or critical jokes, predictions of future.


While Refreedom_Aichi has gained much support, we would like to ask people to share their personal views directly with these individuals in addition to signing the petition. This would help present diverse perspectives and nuanced opinions to the decision makers, and signal the significant societal impact of the decision. We encourage anyone interested in this issue to join us in this endeavour.


This call is intended for not only artists but also students, engineers, art festival staff, spectators, designers, poets, theater staff and actors, media artists, performers, film industry people, architects, animators or writers, critiques, curators, lawyers, people involved in various cultural activities, and above all, members of the public who are aware of the criticality of this situation. Its impact is by no means limited to the arts, and cannot be overlooked merely as an administrative / institutional procedure. In order to address complex challenges of today and create a better and inclusive future, ensuring that individual voices are heard by the Agency for Cultural Affairs is necessary.


October 3, 2019 Callers:

Ryota Kuwakubo, Yoshitomo Nara, Hikaru Toda, Tomoko Shimizu, Shiho Fukuhara, Natsuko Oodate, Koki Tanaka


If you wish to deliver a letter, please apply as follows:

To Koichi Hagiuda, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Ryohei Miyata, Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

(Your text here)



Letter format:

  • It should be addressed to: Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Koichi Hagiuda, Director-General for Cultural Affairs, Ryohei Miyata, and write your name (artist name, etc.) and date.

  • You can freely decide its format, content, and length (refer to the figure).

  • Please send a PDF version of your letter to the email address below for printing

    and handling.



  • Monday, October 7, 2019 in JST >>> the deadline extended
    (Scheduled to be sent or hand letters over to the Minister and Secretary).

Information sharing:

  • Please tell us your name and email address for future contact and information sharing.


  • Please tell us whether or not you wish your letter to be open to the public (there is a possibility to make it public).


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